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Cameron Hood And Lime Light Studios' Collaborate On First Feature Film "Sky Force"

Los Angeles- April 4- Toronto native, Cameron Hood is a multi-award winning writer, director, producer, and animator. He is known for co-developing DreamWorks animations "Megamind" which grossed over $400 million worldwide.

Hood and his Lime Light Studios' team in Los Angeles are to release their first feature film, "Sky Force" this unique duo collaborated with Hong Kong's T-FILMS (who are one of leading Digital Feature Animation Studios in all of Asia). This highly creative team is sure to produce one of this year's top animation feature films.

Cameron was discovered out of college by the legendary Chuck Jones whom he interned for before starting his career at Dreamworks. Learning from the best in the business, it wasn't too long before Hood was recognized for his creative growth and expertise. In 2006 Jeffery Katzenberg and Hood flew around to various Universities and Art Colleges talking about the Dreamworks Outreach program. Hood has seen many accomplishments in his creative works including, "The Prince of Egypt", "Shark Tale", "Flushed Away", "Shrek Forever After", "How to Train your Dragon", and most recently, "Kung Fu Panda 2." As an internal director, story artist and character animator for DreamWorks, Hood has had the honor of working along side some of the industries top artists throughout his career. Hood won multiple awards for co-creating DreamWorks' first original format short, "First Flight".

Hood has also worked with Sony Imageworks on "Stuart Little 2" while teaching at the world-renowned Gnomon School of Visual Effects for six years. Hood has been calling Los Angeles home since 1996, and has many upcoming projects, including "JUNK" for Larger Than Life Productions, and he is currently directing and developing the animated feature, "Live Music" for the critically acclaimed production team of "Open Season" and "Surf's Up".

Hood will continue to push the envelope, to be an industry innovator. For more information about Cameron Hood including interviews, photo opportunities, and media inquires please contact: Louise Ashby at (323) 921- 3217 or email:

Award-Winning Producers Jeff Bowler & Cameron Hood, Sign On To Produce Animated Feature "SKY FORCE"

Major animation film release "Sky Force", will be produced by Award-winning producer, Jeff Bowler and Cameron Hood. Mr Bowler has produced hit TV show "Inked", VH1's "Driven", and many high ranking reality shows and films.

September 26th, 2011- (Media Star Marketing) - Award-winning producers Jeff Bowler and Cameron Hood have signed on to produce the animated feature film "SKY FORCE" under their newly formed animation company, Limelight Animation Studios.

"Sky Force" is an action-adventure film being produced with T-Films and Charlie Wong, and Tony Tang as director. "Working with Tony Tang and Charlie Wong and their talented team in Hong Kong has been such a great experience. We look forward to many more projects together," says Jeff Bowler.

The film will be distributed by Arclight Films, based in Beverly Hills, California. T-Films is a leading animation studio based in Hong Kong, and the film will be produced in both North America, and Hong Kong.

Limelight Animation Studios is founded by Cameron Hood, Jeff Bowler, and Andy Howard, as a new venture. Cameron Hood has spent the last 14 years at DreamWorks Animation as a top in house animator and Director and has worked on films like SHREK, SHREK 3 and 4, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, SINBAD, SHARK TALE and recently directed the hit MEGAMINDS. "I've worked on films like "Shrek", "Kung Fu Panda", "Shark Tale", and "Megaminds";

I've never been more excited than to start Limelight Animation Studios with Jeff, and launch our.own slate of films," Cameron Hood states. Jeff awaited this partnership with this highly seasoned animation director as well. "This film is exciting for us to produce together. Cameron and I have been developing projects together for the past 5 years when he was a director at Dreamworks Animation- and now we finally got the first film started".

About Jeff Bowler: Mr. Bowler is an award winning film & television producer, who has created and contributed to many of the most powerful and highest revenue producing entertainment brands. From working with one of the most successful product licenses such as Mighty Morphin Power Ranger; to bringing the WWE record breaking revenues; to popularizing the tattoo industry to the multitudes with his show Inked; to his celebrity-filled VH1's Driven; to being the youngest speaker ever featured at the NATPE conference; to consulting for the largest ad agencies in the world (BBH Worldwide); to deals and business ventures with Hollywood's top studios (MTV, FOX, Universal Studios); Mr. Bowler is one of the most sought after consultants in the entertainment industry.

About Limelight Animation Studios: A new venture formed by the dream team of top animation director Cameron Hood, Andy Howard, and Hollywood super-producer Jeff Bowler.

About T-Films: T-Films Ltd was established in 2007 by Tony Tang, an experienced director and producer. Tony has been in the industry since 1988, and has produced over 700 minutes of high-quality 3D animations. "Little Gobie" was the company's first animated feature film, and has been globally distributed by the Weinstein Company. This film is honored by the 2010 California Film Awards as Best Animation.

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